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Submitting Artwork Guidelines


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Guidelines for Members Submitting Artwork to the Gallery 


Item I. General guidelines: When submitting artwork for installation, hanging, or display at Gallery 15, the following procedures shall be followed: 


  • The artwork submitted needs to be the original, creative work of the consigning artist and be presented in a professional manner, ready to be displayed.

  • Artwork that would be considered "seconds" will not be accepted.

  • Artwork should not exceed 50 lbs. or 72" in height without prior arrangements.

Item II. Guidelines for 3-dimensional artwork include: 


  • Commercial molds or kits will not be accepted.

  • The Jury Committee will consider accepting the use of commercially molded pieces which become part of a larger piece of artwork. Examples include artwork that uses recycled materials or "combinations" of various found objects along with commercially molded pieces incorporated into an original work.

  • Fiber arts, ceramics, jewelry, books, and other types of 3-dimensional non-hanging artwork shall adhere to the requirements of Item I, above.

    Item III. Guidelines for 2-dimensional or hanging artwork include:


  • It is the responsibility of the artist to insure that all hanging pieces have heavy duty hanging hardware so the artwork will remain secure when hung. No saw tooth hangers shall be used without approval. The Gallery will not be held liable for damage due to ineffective or inappropriate use of hardware.

  • Artwork rendered in watercolor, pen and ink, pastel, gouache or graphite as well as photography should be matted and framed under glass. Unframed work needs to be approved before hanging and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis respecting the hanging requirements of the gallery. Acceptable unframed canvases include gallery wraps, where the canvas is stretched around the support and secured at the back. Staples should not be evident when hung.

  • Mats should be clean cut at corners, not warped, free of smudges, spills, stains, foxing, bugs, or cutting crumbs.

  • Frames should be free of scratches and nicks. If a frame is nicked or scratched, it must be filled and painted over to repair. Liners should be free of stains, with corners squared and joined edges secure. Saw tooth hangers will not be accepted unless specifically approved.

  • Glass should be free of corner fractures, clear of finger prints, smudges, etc., both inside and out.

  • Wire and screw eyes should be of sufficient strength to handle the weight of the artwork, with a double wrap taken around the screw eyes to secure. Wire ends should be wrapped with strapping or masking tape to avoid injury to handlers.

  • Prints to be placed in bins should be encased in protective plastic bags, not shrink wrapped, as it deteriorates and can damage mats and artwork.