Core Members

Kate Marsh

Barbara Skillman


Lorna Cagle

General Members

General Members

MaryLou Wilhelm

Alicia Andrews

Richard Wilhelm

Linda Peterson

Patty Leahy

​Amos Burk

​Sue Kovar

Maureen Webber

​Karen Hendrickson

​Eric Hawley

​MaryLou Wampler

Marjorie Thelen

Sherry Ranf

Thomas Barney


All artists juried into the gallery are required to be Gallery 15 members in good standing.

Core Members:

Membership fee is $240 per year, with a one year commitment and management/operating responsibilities. Core members do not pay a gallery commission. 

General Members:

Membership fee is $15 per month, with a six-month commitment.

For general members,

Artist proceeds = 80% of retail price. Gallery commission = 20% of retail price. 

2010 - present
2010 - present