Core Members

Fred Pelroy

Kate Marsh

Barbara Skillman


Lorna Cagle

Marsallai Quick

General Members

General Members

Joe Nelson

Cathy Scott

Mary Lou Wilhelm

Alicia Andrews

Richard Wilhelm

Linda Peterson

Patty Leahy

​Amos Burk

​Sue Kovar

Maureen Webber

​Karen Hendrickson

​Connie Robbins

​Eric Hawley

​Mary Lou Wampler

Marjorie Thelen


All artists juried into the gallery are required to be Gallery 15 members in good standing.

The Jury Committee meets once a month.

Core Members:

Membership fee is $240 per year, with a one year commitment and management/operating responsibilities. Core members do not pay a gallery commission. 

General Members:

Membership fee is $15 per month, with a six-month commitment.

For general members,

artist proceeds = 80% of retail price. Gallery commission = 20% of retail price. 

2010 - present
2010 - present