Artist Consignment Contract


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This Consignment Contract is entered into by and between Gallery 15, an Oregon Cooperative, and Artist: Name (Please Print)

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  1. Membership. All Artists juried into the Gallery are required to be Gallery 15 members in good standing.
    a. Core Members: Membership fee is $240 per year, with a one year commitment and management/operating responsibilities. Core Members do not pay 
    a  Gallery Commission.

  2. b. General Members: Membership fee is $15 per month, with a six-month commitment; responsibility to the Gallery is outlined in the paragraphs below. For General Members, Artist Proceeds = 80% of retail price. Gallery Commission = 20% of retail price.

  3. Agreements.
    • The Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of local and regional original art work.
    • The Gallery has found the Artist's work to be of the type and quality the Gallery desires to display.
    • The Artist desires to display his/her work at the Gallery and further desires that the Gallery act as consignee of the work for the purpose of sale to the 

  4. The Gallery is willing to display, and act as consignee of, the Artist's work for the purpose of sale to the public. • As an Oregon Cooperative with limited resources, Gallery cannot insure against all potential hazards which may cause damage to Artist's work.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and mutual promises contained herein, the parties further agree as follows: 


  1. Delivery and pickup of work by Artist. Artists who have been juried into the Gallery may bring their work into the Gallery during regular business hours at any time to add to or replace their inventory, and may, subject to paragraph two (2) below, continue to submit work for as long as they are a Core member or General Member in good standing. The Gallery may ask the Artist to come into the Gallery to refresh his/her inventory and to rectify inventory records. If an Artist does not bring any new works for two years, the Gallery is not required to consider future submissions by the Artist. The Artist shall be responsible for delivery and pick-up of works to and from the Gallery with all works delivered properly prepared for display and each piece containing a title or number for clear identification. 

  2. Acceptance and inventory of Artist's work. The Artist shall enter information on the Artist’s Gallery Inventory Record form for each piece of work on consignment. Information entered shall include the assigned Artist number, category code, artwork description (including the medium), retail price, and date delivered to the Gallery. The Gallery shall provide an inventory number for each accepted piece and record sales on the inventory form. The Gallery shall have the prerogative to reject individual pieces due to lack of space, unacceptable quality or presentation of work, or because of any radical change in the Artist's work or style. Major changes in the Artist’s work or style shall be juried in. 

  3. Display of Artist's work. Artist’s work shall remain at the Gallery for at least 30 days following drop-off. The Gallery may display Artist's work in the manner Gallery deems appropriate. If more work is accepted for display and sale than space will allow, the excess may be held on Gallery premises. Work so held will be exchanged with displayed work on a regular basis at Gallery’s discretion. If, after 30 days, Artist withdraws work from the Gallery for any reason, the “Date Out” for each item shall be recorded on the Artist’s Gallery Inventory Record. 

  4. Discretion. An exhibit may be terminated and/or individual works may be withdrawn from display at any time at the discretion of the Gallery. Gallery reserves the right to exercise discretion with respect to display of art.

  5. Sale of Artist's work. Artist authorizes Gallery to sell Artist's work and arrange the terms of such sale. No discounts shall be permitted except by the specific permission of the Artist. 

  6. Shipping: Shipping costs will be charged to the buyer, by invoice sent by the Gallery. Artwork will be packed and shipped by the Artist. 

  7. Payment to Artist. Amounts due to the Artist from Gallery sales shall be paid by the 15th of the next month following the sale. The date of sale and payment will be recorded on the Artist's inventory sheet. Any Gallery commission, credit card fee, and any shipping cost incurred by the Gallery will be subtracted from the sale price to determine the payment to the Artist. 

  8. Client referrals. If Artist business cards or brochures are available to distribute, the Gallery will furnish that information to interested persons. Otherwise, no contact information will be given out. 

  9. Withdrawal of work at Gallery's request. If a work is not sold within six months after it is received by the Gallery or if the Gallery otherwise determines that a work should be withdrawn, the Gallery may notify the Artist to remove that work. If the Artist has not removed the work within 30 days following the date such notice was given, the Gallery shall not be liable for subsequent loss or damage to such work. 

  10. Insurance. Gallery carries liability insurance only, and cannot insure against all potential hazards which may cause damage to Artist's work. 

  11. Artist Profile and current address. The Artist shall provide to the Gallery a current Artist Profile and shall keep it up-to- date for as long as he/she continues to display work at the Gallery. The Artist shall also provide a current mailing address, email address and phone number to the Gallery and provide updates within 10 days of any change. 

  12. Reproduction of work. The Artist reserves all rights to the reproduction of works in any manner. This restriction shall be indicated by the Gallery in writing on all sales invoices and memorandum. However, the Artist consents to exhibits of artwork being photographed by the Gallery for educational and promotional purposes. 

  13. Right to sell at other locations. The Artist reserves the right to sell works at other locations, including her/his own studio, but will maintain the fair market value of the artwork. 

  14. Termination. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. Upon termination it is Artist’s responsibility to remove her/his artwork in a timely manner. All monies due the Artist will be paid according to the schedule detailed above. 

  15. Successors. This agreement shall be binding on the heirs, personal representatives, successors, and assigns of the Artist


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September 1, 2020 Edition