Gallery 15


   405 North Broadway Ave. 

   Burns, Oregon 97720


Marjorie Thelen & Kate Marsh

A Writers Workshop 
October 2, 1:00 - 2:00

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 Featured for September:

MaryLou Wilhelm's Paintings,

Wood Post Cards,

Watagami Cards 

 Gallery 15 

Gallery 15 is dedicated to the promotion of original art work

by local and regional artists.

We are located at 405 No. Broadway, at the corner of Broadway and Washington,
in Burns, Oregon 97720

Burns is in the southeast corner of the state, at the junction of US20, US395,
OR205 and OR78.

Art displays change frequently.

Come visit, see what's new, talk to the artists.



Lorna and Charles Cagle

Fran and Rich Davis

Connie Robbins

Anne Scissons

Mary Jo and Gene Scrivner

Peg and Tom Wallis

George Wilbur

Gertie Libbey in Memory

Thomas and Genevieve Barney

Terry Keim and Skip Renchler

Jan Ingraham

All artwork is the sole property of the artist. Copyright ©
MaryLou Wilhelm, fish print on sillk
ML Wilhelm #46, Red Trout Farm, oil, $250.jpg
ML Wilhelm, #45, Trout Farm, oil, $250.jpg
ML Wilhelm, #WC40, Snow Color, watercolor,16X20, $195.jpg
019-P-53, Large American Flag, oil, $180, crp.jpg
019-P-52, Small American Flag, oil, $175, crp.jpg
MLW Pack 2, $20.jpg